EBR 옵션 : Edge Bead Removal,Spincoater

EBR(Edge Bead Removal)이란: wafer 가장자리의 감광막을 제거시켜 particle 발생현상을 제거시켜주는 공정.

Edge bead removal spray nozzle (topside substrate) with adjustable position, including standard nozzle.


EBR용 Spin220i

Pressure Vessel

Top side EBR 장착

EBR 노즐 1ea 장착

노즐을 통한 분사압 ,시간 조절 가능
스핀코터 디스플레이
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Consists of the following components:
Lid Window, Spin200, Flat, ESG Float, Injector,52mm Centre Hole, 36mm Injector Hole

Swivel head with ball Luer Lock adapter, Pillar P-MC-W2-N1B fitting. Luer Lock needle
EFD no 7018434.
Note: without tubing!

Single Injector line Valve Assembly
Consists of:
- Chemical and pneumatic valve
- 2x1m tubings prefitted from Surpass valve to vessel and Surpass valve to Injector
- Pillar P-MC-W2-N2B for connection to the dispense vessel
- Tubings from pneumatic to Surpass valve
- Addtional wiring to the pneumatic valve
- Mounting plate for both valves on rear side of the Spin200

The EBR injector is fixed in the lid, into the position of the smaller off-centre hole.
The stainless steel nozzle is angled for the edge-bead, and then locked in position.
A "suckback" valve assembly is fitted on the back of the spin coater, and connected to this nozzle.
So the EBR chemical can be supplied through the injector nozzle, with no drips from the nozzle when it shuts off.
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Back Side Rinse용 Spincoater


자세한 사항은 문의 요망

  • Drying
  • Rinse/clean
  • Etching
  • Manual coating
  • Automatic coating
  • Developing

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